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Atoll Insurance Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has special expertise in the Maldives in marine hull, contractor’s all-risk and property insurance, especially in the hotels and resorts industry of the Maldives...

Resort Insurance

Resort Insurance

Islands leased for development of tourist resorts are required by law to insure and keep insured the resort to its full reinstatement value including fees for architects and surveyors, lease rent for one year, cost of demolition site clearance, fire, storm, flood and other risks. We assist resort owners and operators to take a more comprehensive property insurance cover for the resorts which not only includes the legal minimum, but the interests of resort investors, resort operators, employees in the resort as well as guests. We can tailor best insurance for your resort or tourist accommodation facility.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Marine transport is the most widely used mode of transportation in the Maldives. We assist owners and operators of marine vessels ranging from small recreational boats to luxury yacht owners and marine cargo transportation companies for their insurance coverage of marine hull, cargo, passengers, third party liability as well as crew. Our extensive network in the insurance industry will be a benefit for all our customers in terms of better coverage and better rates. We assist customers to obtain international Protection and Indemnity insurance from international P&I Clubs.

Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance

Maldives is a booming economy where projects of all types ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings, resorts, hotels, airports and many other types of infrastructure projects are ongoing at all times. We assist our customers to obtain specialized Contractors-All-Risk policies covers which covers every type of risk associated with such projects. This will cover risks associated with huge investments and provide a security not only for investors, but also for the general public who are affected by such projects and to lenders who provide finance for such projects.

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